PLEASE NOTE: This notice does not apply to New Leaf, Wetumpka, Alabama. 
We have NO Legal or Business ties with that location and they are operating normally.

For almost 10 years it has been an honor and privilege to serve the Auburn and Opelika community. We are proud of what we have accomplished by creating a place where neighbors can do business with neighbors. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!


About a year ago New Leaf began to feel the pressures of having outgrown itself. Over the course of the year our financial standing worsened. We worked tirelessly to revamp our structure and systems to try to turn things around, but we just couldn’t make the turn.


There have been some extremely difficult times in our life cycle, but the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to do is to write this notice.


As of January 9th, 2019 we are no longer able to serve the Lee County or Columbus communities and both stores are officially closed. 


If you have items left in the store, you will soon receive a notice via mail or email with instructions on how to retrieve those.  Rest assured that all items are safely secured inside the stores and awaiting your retrieval.


If you are a consignor and have a balance, you will receive notice in regard thereto.


For almost 10 years we have made it a point as you’ve left our store to say some form of “See You Next Time.” The hardest part is to now know that there may not be a next time. We will miss you so much! We wish you the best!