Tuscan Style Decorating on a Budget

By Alicia Guerrieri

Redecorating a room, or house, may be something that we do not even consider in these economic times. However, redecorating on a budget can be a fun activity for the entire family and can even involve friends and other family  members. There are some ways to accomplish the Tuscan style look using items that are easily available, inexpensive, and only require a few techniques to turn them into a classic addition to your room. Here are a few ideas that will help you to change your decor from bland to Tuscan in no time.

Make a plan. Most people love a certain aspect of Tuscan decor. It may be the earthy tones, the coziness of the room, or the antiqued look of the furnishings. Think about what part of a Tuscan style room stands out for you when you enter it and plan your room using those colors or items.

Instead of getting rid of all of your furniture, think of ways you can “Tuscanize” it. Tuscan decor is about textures and the senses. If you have a coffee table that has seen better days it is a prime target for “Tuscanization.”  First, remove all of the paint or stain, next add some scratches with a knife or hammer, then take a Terra cotta latex paint and dab it on in spots on the piece. Use a rag to rub the paint into all of the scratches and crevices. This is not a thick coat of paint, you are rubbing it into the wood and it will not look like a finished product. After the paint has dried, if you like the effect you have gotten paint the piece with a clear varethane, or you can stain the piece with a walnut stain first to darken the piece.
Tuscan style furniture and decorating accessories are styled to offset the Terra cotta and earth tones of the walls and floors. If you are not painting your walls in earth tones, do not use a dark color for your furniture and accessories or they will not match properly.
Visit garage sales to find Terra cotta pots and other old world items that will set your room apart. One of the beautiful aspects of a Tuscan style room is the use of Terra cotta pots with greenery in them. If you are not a plant person you may want to consider using different types of ivy. These plants do not require a lot of care, but look beautiful year round in Terra cotta pots.
One of the beautiful aspects of Tuscan Style decor is the use of wrought iron. If you are creating the Tuscan look on a budget you may not want to invest in large wrought iron pieces, and they will not create the look you want if your wall color does not match the Tuscan theme. Instead of the large wrought iron pieces, use smaller pieces throughout the room. You will find very unique pieces at garage and rummage sales. There are wrought iron candle holders, picture frames, magazine holders, and coffee table stands. By adding the smaller, less expensive pieces, you will be able to get the same effect and not overwhelm your room.

You will find that if you start with a plan, redecorating on a budget is not difficult and can be a lot of fun. The end result will be unique and each piece in your room will carry a personal story that you will remember fondly. Also, it will be very easy for you to switch pieces out when you feel like it because the investment has been minimal and you won’t have to feel guilty.

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