Nursery Decor on a Budget – Creating a Dreamy Nursery Without Breaking the Bank

Between cribs, sheets with matching window treatments, adorable little lamps, rugs, a changing table and let’s not forget that “must have” mobile; your nursery decor can often take on a life of its own. But fear not, cost conscious parents. There are ways to keep your nursery decorating within budget-and still create a space that will be the envy of all the kids at the neighborhood daycare.

Whether this is your first bundle of joy or you’re a seasoned veteran of the nursery decor war, a few simple tips and tricks will help keep you right on track:

Resist Temptation

Walking through those artfully arranged baby furniture stores, it can be downright painful to pass by the elegant vignettes and silk lined cradles without falling in love. But the truth is, there are plenty of nursery decor options that won’t have you dropping 6 months worth of income on a jumper that matches the circular play rug and teeny tiny lampshades. Resist the temptation to spend big by shopping online whenever possible.

Internet shopping gives you a more detached perspective, and it’s oh so much easier to take something out of a virtual shopping cart than a real one.

Think Long Term

It’s no secret that nursery decor can get pricey. So why not get as much use as possible out of every piece that you’re investing in? For example, many cribs today are made to convert into toddler beds-making them useful even years after your wee one has outgrown those sleepless nights. Think a changing table has outworn its welcome once the days of diaper duty are behind you? Think again. There are plenty of changing stations that convert into a dresser or chest of drawers long after your tiny tike has moved on to using the big boy potty.

Again, the key here is longevity. Once you’ve invested in nursery décor, you’ll want to make sure that it can smoothly transition into the next phase of your child’s life. That white armoire with the adorable bunnies painted on it might seem just perfect now… but how will a rough and tumble 10 year old feel about it?

Above All Else, Remember Safety

Keep in mind that your nursery decor is meant not only to beautify your child’s living space, but it should help keep them safe, as well. Avoid glass topped tables, rugs with tiny embellishments, and loose knobs and pulls whenever possible. Remember to “soften” any tough edges with baby bumpers and tie up any exposed curtain cords. New developents in child safe playgrounds by have made strides in preventing common injuries, check them out if you are planning a backyard playground for your little ones.

With a little careful planning, your nursery decor will keep you and your new bundle of joy happy, safe, and completely stylish for years to come.

Kelly Klaritch is an entrepreneur, author and founding owner of Sugar & Spice Kids Décor, upscale trendy children’s boutique. Visit Sugar & Spice Décor at

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