5 Tips on Living With Less, For Less, and Better

5 Tips on Living With Less, Living For Less, and Living BetterI’ve been on a mission to cut down on things: clothes, unnecessary papers and knickknacks, junk food, etc.  Controlling my french fry intake is more of a struggle, but that’s for another day.

I’ve been moving a lot lately, and the majority of my packing process is actually just organizing and cleaning. I realized that if moving is an overwhelming experience, then I might just have too much stuff. Not to mention that clutter doesn’t only take up physical space; it’s a mental thing too, and can cause unnecessary stress.

Here are some tips on living with less, living for less, and living better:

1. START FRESH. One major effort to eliminate clutter makes it easier to begin maintaining your space. If I tried to whittle my stuff down little by little, it would never get done completely. During this purge you might think, “But what if I’ll need this later?” Answer: You won’t, and the fact that you’re even considering getting rid of it means it’s not that important.

2. One in, one out. If you buy a new shirt, get rid of something you haven’t worn in a while. Don’t purchase new pens or paper until you have to. If you’ve outgrown your bedroom, buy new furniture and consign the old. People don’t notice clutter until it turns into chaos, so following this rule helps keep the excess to a minimum and avoid that shock.

3. Only purchase good quality. Would you rather pay for cheap items that break and require replacement, or would you rather pay for lasting quality?  Sometimes that means the initial purchase is more expensive, but other times you find great quality at great prices, like here at New Leaf – everything at our consignment store is pre-approved, so you know it’s worth the money!

4. If it’s not useful, don’t buy it. And by “useful” I mean it’s function
al and/or makes you happy. Those moments when you’re cleaning, and you find something that you totally forgot you had – those are signs of uselessness and unimportance. Get rid of that clutter or repurpose it! Having less forces you to develop better taste and judgment, and that makes what you do own much more valuable.

5. Pay it forward. I’ve found that the less physical baggage I carry, the more attention I can give to enjoying life and giving more. It’s a lot easier to focus on what’s important without distraction from too many material goods, and coming back to a tidy home is the perfect end to a fulfilling day!

-Sunny, team member at New Leaf Galleries


Sunny Chao was a social media intern for New Leaf Galleries for one semester while she attended Auburn University. She is now an area manager for Amazon.com.

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