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Cookie Jar Collecting

The New Way to Bring Memories Together

Everyone remembers going to his or her grandma’s house as a child. Even when you are two miles away, you believe you smell her freshly baked cookies that you cannot wait to dive into. Your mouth waters as you imagine that she made your favorite type. Was it Cookie Jar Collectingchocolate chip? Sugar? Oatmeal Raisin? When you arrived, your grandma slowly pulled out her specialty cookie jar and handed you your favorite type of cookie, and I am sure that during the time you were with your grandma, you had about 20 more of those cookies.

These types of memories are why cookie jar collecting exists. Many people see these pieces and are instantly taken back to the memory of their mother or grandmother making cookies, usually. Cookie jars come in a lot more shapes and characters that you would thing. As I am writing this, I am looking at a squirrel on top of a pine cone cookie jar, and a Cinderella themed cookie jar with a pumpkin and two little mice. There are many popular brands of collectible cookie jars. The most popular, and most forged, are the McCoy cookie jars. McCoy was known as the advertising company, as well. They made cookie jars for Harley Davidson, Quaker Oats, and many more! Did you know that a McCoy cookie jar of a train sold for $6,100 in 2010? Other popular brands include Fitz and Floyd, Treasure Craft and House of Lloyd. There are many more who specialize in different character and Cookie Jar Collectingstyles, it just takes a little internet searching, such as Google, to figure all of them out!

The beauty of cookie jars is that they are timeless. Instead of collecting cookie jars for a profit, why not collect them to preserve memories of your childhood? Or allow your children to experience the same things as you did when you were a child? You do not have to spend a lot in order to start a cookie jar collection. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself while doing it. Cookie jar collecting is a great way to bond with your family!

New Leaf wants you to bond with your family. We actually just had a huge collection of hundreds of cookie jars come into our online store inventory. We love being able to connect our customers to memories and aspirations, and we accomplish this with our collection of cookie jars. We hope that you love them as much as we do.

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